The Hero's Guide to Video Marketing

Video marketing magic doesn’t just happen. It requires time, dedication, and a plan. Extracting the essential elements of video, it becomes apparent that video marketing can solve challenging business issues by connecting with audiences on a deeper level than other content mediums. Video’s adaptability can complement your marketing talents.

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The Journey Begins: Chapters 1-3

The gate has swung wide open to a new world! You will:

  • Understand the link between video's evolution and current rapid digital consumptions

  • Integrate video into content planning, development, and strategy across existing channels

  • Set SMART customer lifecycle goals, exploring video's flexibility in each stage

  • Gain inspiration, learning the success stories of video marketing mentors

Marketers rejoice! The revamped Hero’s Guide to Video Marketing gives you the direction to create a stellar video marketing plan addressing challenges faced at each stage of the customer lifecycle. Think of Brightcove as your trusty sidekick.

75% of marketers are creating custom videos for their target audiences.1 

1. Kaye, L. (2015, February 20). 70% of Brands Say Video is the Most Effective for Content Marketing. Retrieved July 27, 2015.