A Better Way to Train and Onboard Employees

Internal memos, handbooks, and emails are not the best ways to communicate with employees. Skimmed over or outright ignored, your messages get lost, which then impacts employee productivity, satisfaction, and ultimately, retention. There’s a better way to do it—use video.

  • Six ways video can improve the onboarding process

  • How to train your team efficiently with five types of video

  • How to build an interactive employee network across all locations

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Videos are a great addition to our blended training approach. Our training videos promote safe behavior and help to reduce the risk of accidents in our workplace."


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Whether you work for a small to medium-sized business or a global enterprise, video helps you accomplish your goals in a personal, yet cost-effective manner by making a stronger emotional connection with staff. Get the guide and convince your boss it is time for video!

Convince Your Boss it's Time for Video

This free guide will help you build a strong case for expanding video across your company without breaking budget. It explains:

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